Villasboro – a village isolated from the world…

Here is Villasboro – The first location in book 1 of the Age of Azmoq series. We meet our first protagonist in the village of Villasboro.

I love this place (I know it’s imaginary and not real – please don’t think I am slightly off). This village is quite close to my heart. If someone were to ask me what an ideal village would look like, I would say Villasboro. The people of this village have lived in isolation from the world all their lives and their demeanor reflects this.

Villasboro (edited) - color.jpg

Here’s the excerpt from the book, describing this village:

The village of Villasboro was in the middle of nowhere. For vast distances around, there were no other villages, towns, settlements or habitats of any sort. This extreme isolation was not a problem for any of the villagers. It was quite self-sufficient, and its inhabitants loved their home. The village was surrounded with such beauty—why would someone not love it? There were hills to the north, with a tiny brook flowing from them. There were dense forests on the other three sides and a small lake in the middle of the village that the brook flowed into. The hills, the forests, the lake and the brook made Villasboro quite a heavenly place to live in.

Because of this serene and beautiful location that provided for all their needs, none of its inhabitants cared about the world beyond the boundaries of their village. To be honest, the isolation was quite stark. There was no civilization for hundreds of kilometers around the village. To add to that, it was difficult to enter or leave Villasboro, even if one chose to, given its location. But the villagers did not care. Through generations, they had stayed in this one place. So, they had grown to care little of happenings beyond the village, or even beyond their own lives. If the world beyond the village was destroyed, no one would have come to know.

The people of the village had a peaceful and detached demeanor, which was as much the character of Villasboro, as its hills or its lake. The thoroughly self-sufficient nature of the village had percolated down to each individual of the village who was quite content with the events of his or her own life, and didn’t bother anyone he or she didn’t have to. The villagers were simple in their needs, most of which they themselves were able to provide for.

Despite the isolation, every now and then, a few travelers did visit. But the villagers, given their supremely detached attitude, treated anyone who came in the same manner. Do your thing, don’t bother us.

Hope you fall in love with this place as well. Please keep an eye out for the book where you can read more about the beauty of Villasboro as well as the idiosyncrasies of its villagers (especially of some of our main characters 🙂 )


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