The Valantian continent – In all it’s glory! (Hopefully)

Here it is! The continent where the series Age of Azmoq starts off – ValantiaValantia has 11 countries in it with Morgenia being the largest and Ganolfan being the smallest. The ruling council of Valantia, the Valantian Imperium, sits out of The High Seat, a city in Ganolfan.

Valantia color_Final_with Title

Hope this excites you! Interestingly (at least to me), almost each and every place, be it city, river, mountain or desert has been named in a way that describes something significant about the location. There are so many locations and geographies I want to talk about – share what they are and what their names signify!

Will talk about some of them in detail once the book comes out. Keep a look out!

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