Tone of a blog post (Why a post on this?! – Read on…)

In the words of the wise Obiwan Kenobi (Star wars reference for the uninitiated) – Hello there!

Many people who I have reached out to for advice, on writing and book promotion, have said – Maintain a blog. Keep writing. Good advice – I agree that I should have a blog (which I do). But since I started this blog, I have wondered, given there are barely any people actually following and reading this blog, what tone do I maintain in each post?

Why is that important you ask? Well, I recently heard some news where the presenter was shouting in a dramatic fashion (as if some major mafia had been exposed) that “other formalities need to be completed” (I know context matters, but it just sounded hilariously dramatic in any case). So, to me, tone is as important as content. And I haven’t been completely sure of the tone I needed to maintain while writing something.

Now coming back to the question – The tone I need to maintain depends primarily on 2 things. First what is my audience? That’s my biggest dilemma, and the options so far have been depressing to say the least, especially as a first time author. Am I talking to non existent followers of my blog (which is slightly sad) or am I talking to myself on the internet (which sounds like I really need help).

I recently had a few inspiring conversations and decided to take a more optimistic approach (glass half full and all that). I will talk to the future readers of my blog – Assume there will be people who at some point in the near (or distant) future will feel like taking 5 minutes once a week to read what I have written in the recent (or distant) past. That doesn’t seem to be asking for a lot from an individual reader, but if looked at cumulatively, it is a lot of time. Simple math – 5 minutes a week, 52 weeks a year for even a 100 readers is ~25,000 minutes/~400 hours/20 days a year! That’ll be a lot of interest in little old me!!!

Now that I have some internal clarity on the audience of my posts, the second thing is what do I write about? That is a tad more clear anyway – I’ll write about my book(s), books I read/want to read and any random thing I think is important (like this post – Feels totally random and yet important to me).

So, Readers of the future – you now have this post to read (or you’ve already have had if you are indeed reading this in the future). You’ll soon have more posts. Although in the future, you’ll already have all my posts available – depending on how far into the future you start reading my posts. If I am still alive and writing, there are definitely more posts to come. If it is beyond that, I am glad my posts are still relevant a century from now (again, optimistically assuming I will lead a long happy life), and well, you already have access to all I had to offer 🙂


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