The book cover for Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium!

It is finally here! After almost of a month of back and forth with the artist, the ever patient Teodora, the book cover for my first work is here!

book cover final.jpg

What are you looking at you ask? The cover depicts the High Seat, the city which is where the Valantian Imperium functions out of. Yes, Valantian Imperium from the title. What is this Valantian Imperium you ask? It is the governing body that rules over the continent of Valantia, the continent where the events of the first book take place.

The High Seat is a man-made city created on top of 4 hills, built to display the power and authority of the Valantian Imperium. The city is extremely secure – not even the wealthiest and the most powerful men from the continent can enter the city without express permission from the Imperium. For citizens of Valantia, visiting the High Seat is a dream. To be able to enter the Imperium Chambers, the largest building in the High Seat is something most people would be willing to die for.

Hope this cover gets you excited about what’s in store for you when you pick up the book!!

2 thoughts on “The book cover for Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium!

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