Hi there! Welcome… Um… Welcome!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! This blog is about the book(s) I write/hope to write and the books/series/movies that have inspired me. So far, I have written one book, which is the first one in my pentology (like a trilogy, but with 5 books) – Age of Azmoq. So the book is Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium. You can read up on the book(s) under “What is Age of Azmoq all about?” on the menu bar. You can read a bit more about me under “Who is this chap?”.

I am sure you can figure these things out without me telling you, but I am a tad nervous as I have just started down this path and I don’t really know whether a lot of people will like what I write. So I am being a little cautious and making sure whoever visits the site/blog knows where to read more about my book(s) (I write the “s” in brackets because although right now there is only one book, I hope that it’ll soon be plural).

I have started this blog with 2 objectives – one is to talk about my books (obviously – I won’t start a blog and not want to talk about my books!) and the second is to talk about my love of books (both writing and reading). We are all bound by the reality we live in, but in the realm of imagination, what we can see and be is limitless. I always look forward to delving into the various worlds that great authors create, I hope you do too! I will use this blog to discuss some of my favorite worlds (including the one of my own creation).

I hope you enjoy the read!! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

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